Working on Regaining her Innate Feminine Energy - Transformation

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Cathy was born in a family with a deficiency of deep connection. Her parents not knowing better focused on fulfilling her with her physiological needs, healthy food, a place to live in, clothing to wear, and connection of just being physically present.

Her dad worked out of home, and her mother worked emotionally to ease her constant fear of losing closeness to her father.

It seemed that Cathy's family were all connected by fragile strings that could be easily broken and required high maintenance and work to remain attached.

It was normal seeing her mother emotionally unavailable.

When Cathy was seven years old, she developed a need to get translated her natural strong feminine force. As she felt deep emotions, she continually looked up to her mother to understand . Instead, she was turned down for the intensity of her feelings that make her dad upset. Her mother's intense fear of losing her husband over guiding her small daughter always won.

Every weekend, Cathy was able to spend some quality time with her father; he was a generous listener while fishing.

He provided her a sense of security or shield; the short time that she would be with him, she would try to structure her emotions, organize her ideas, hide some irrational ones, that her father wouldn't understand and catalog as "weak", and highlight all her tasks achieved.

She was desperate for love and recognition, someone to talk to, and her father gave her some of that.

Sooner than later, her feminine part lost balance in her being; she was overdeveloping her masculine side to keep having recognition, love, and attention.

Since Cathy's mother was continuously unavailable, she compensated by looking for groups of peer girlfriends.

Every time Cathy was with friends, her mother felt resentment and threatened by Cathy's girlfriends due to her undeveloped relationship skills.

Cathy grew up having a feeling of social awkwardness, seemed that the natural flow of relating and giving of the feminine energy was missing.

Once she was old enough to move out to her place, she consciously promised herself of never being like her mother; she would never base her life around a man.

She capitalized on her overflowing masculine energy. She excelled in rationalizing, structuring, routine, fixing, and very task-oriented; she became very successful in the work field; she had a significant position in a bank institution with several people in her lead.

Nevertheless, she lacked intimate relationships; she had many likes at Instagram and a thousand Facebook friends, many social gatherings, but all were around, party with large number of people and non-vulnerable encounters.

She couldn't understand why joy was missing in her life, why anger and loneliness showed up frequently with no apparent reason.

It seemed that there was no true satiation for Cathy, her spiritual intuition told her that she needed help.

Through intense self-work, she discovered that in her childhood, she didn't develop the ability to connect, attracting people with the same deficiencies.

The time came to let go; she first started a deeper and more profound relationship with herself.

As soon as her feminine side strengthened, she was able to relate more naturally with people, food, animals, plants, and the world that surrounded her.

After some time, she was able to find balance and harmony on her masculine and feminine energetic forces.