Thinking Inside a Box, Digital Devices, Maturation and Love

Maturity is being delayed; it seems that there are still couples, single people, grandparents, and parents with no real evidence of boundary formation, no sense of self, and little life purpose, having a significant damaging impact on society's evolution.

During their childhood, they were educated with control, rewards, and coercion of some type, and they did not receive sufficient time to develop their own deep inner reasons.

They grew inside a box, sculpted by control; the parts of themselves that seek to develop for a deeper meaningful life were entirely cut-out.

There was always this constant threat of separation (consequences) of some kind that haunted youth when attempting to grow out of the box, outside laid unknown vulnerability, uncertainty, possible failures, or even rejection. Yet parents from yesteryears didn't contemplate the opportunities it had to offer; to find one's unique self, likes and dislikes, values, preferences, judgments, motives, and purposes.

Eventually, they grew up with a master's degree in invulnerability; their parents avoided all types of sadness and disappointment; instead, they taught hard work and control to remain inside the box.

These young "inside the box" adults, along with their "old aged parents," typically text, post incessantly, and wake up for their digital devices without any preoccupation of the origin that drives them to that addiction. They seem to have forgotten how to relate through a real fulfilling conversation; they have become hostages of instant momentarily pleasure.

Those devices hijack their full attention and energy.

They are only capable of relationships where they transfer their childish dependency needs to their partners, eternally numbed, living an unfulfilling illusion, in a constant depersonalized pursuit where invulnerability lies.

Because real satiation comes when we learn to relate through our vulnerable hearts, when we are generously invited to exist as we are, with no edition or control.

To experience real love, we must first develop our deep inner reasons and self boundaries; there must exist someone to love: with a clear beginning and an end.

It requires courage to leave our old mold full of restrictions, judgments, and controls; we can find nurturance and containment from our own unique God, whom we can easily hold on to while seeking our separateness.

There is energy far more powerful than us that will assist us in our maturation process.

Slowly and within time, we might eventually be together without losing our separateness. We have gained real strength, one that will serve for life, just like a white oak tree with long roots.

We need to focus on transcending the fear of leaving the "box," which has succeeded in keeping us hungry and has taken away the power we were always meant to have.

"Love is imperfection; love is a tender heart; love is unconditional; love is acceptance; love is boundaries; love is constant; love accepts the shortcomings, love is generous, love is special, love is hard to find in oneself, love is worth the search, love is a powerful energy, love has mysterious capabilities."

Merry Christmas; we wish you all the love.