The psychological meaning of gifts.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

This holiday, I received meaningful gifts, those that were capable of reaching my heart.

I reflected on the profound meaning of gifts and their hidden power.

When we give a gift, we reveal our energy invested in a particular relationship.

The art of giving comes from the ability to truly "see" someone from the inside out, which means; to be able to get out of oneself and extend unconditional, generous regard in whichever mode it might be.

When giving, it never really is about the gift, but a "symbol" that displays the level of intimacy below a relationship.

On the contrary, when we receive a gift, we accept a "particular picture" of us; it usually explains how superficial, conditioned, pleasing, or exceptionally generous the invitation for existing in their presence might be.

Only in a few relationships, the "particular picture" perfectly matches with our sense of self, inspiring a feeling of high nurturance and satiation. The same emotion we obtain when there is a profound closeness with a friend.

We might have developed the ability to relate deeply with ourselves, acquiring the strength to connect honestly and uncovered with others, clicking at the same level of attachment, and making us excellent gift-givers.

As humans, beings of attachment, we assign higher expectations from the people we love the most and to whom we desire a taste of significance.

An inaccurate gift from a loved one might make us feel frustrated, leading us to what we might have been avoiding for some time.

The relationship with ourselves might be superficial and depthless; Our energy within has been concentrated on seeking to find satiation and nourishment in the outer world.

We should aim to be ourselves and seek to align our inner sense of self to what we project in the outer world; only by doing so will we attract genuine and real relationships, yes, those that flourish and nurture.

We will automatically start seeking depth in relationships rather than quantity.

Neither giving or receiving a gift will be important anymore; it will just pass as a meaningful secondary symbol that will have the power to remind us of closeness when apart.

Have a wonderful full of love 2021.

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