Autumn a Time of Reflection

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

As I contemplated the inspiring colorful scene of the leaves falling from the trees. I couldn't help to reflect on how I longed to replicate the same intuitive flow regarding the expression of my beingness.

It was inspiring looking at the way trees reveal and express their aliveness. First, they speak through a subtle transformation of the color of their leaves, from yellow to orange, and finally settling with a vibrant red that symbolizes the ultimate inflammation of energy.

I was amazed at their ability to let go of their leaves in an arty detached way experiencing no resistance and synchronizing in a simple dance with the wind.

The process is smooth; It is not abrupt, each tree has its own pace. Some drop leaves in a matter of days; others take longer. Eventually they all stand still in their nakedness.

They have nowhere to go, nothing to do, but above all, nothing to be aware of, not even shame for its nakedness. It remains connected to the ground with a differentiated union that grants a deep and restorative rest.

With the right conditions and its rested energy, trees will give birth and nourish again in spring, actively participating in an endless transformation.

The dance seems to be aligned with the development of greater consciousness.

Why do we as humans have a hard time finding our divine flow? It is simple; trees have no mind to get stuck on.

We come from a legacy of unfelt wounds experienced by our ancestors. The result of this is notable fragility, characterized by extreme sensitivity to any perception of separation (rejection, not being part of, not being liked, etc.)

We have been taught to fix separation instead of feeling it. The need to label and judge immediately reflects humanity's suffering, making our next generations learn to be moved primarily by shame and guilt.

One common manifestation of this is our stuckness in perfectionism, where shame is not felt but acted out.

Unfortunately, the emotional pattern is so intense that it hijacks the energy meant to develop the rootedness that serves us to handle separation consciously.

In the biblical stories that narrate the origin of humanity, Eve chooses awareness by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She immediately becomes aware of her nakedness, subsequently experiencing shame and guilt.

It seems that Eve's intuitive choice waked up our inner power, which is aligned with our human potential: the engine of emotional awareness.

Instead of being mindful of observing ourselves feeling the feelings, we have been trapped inside a shield of a harsh dualistic critique that seeks to fix, do, control, label judge ourselves or others to distract our spirit.

As we fail to accept duality as an ilusión, we remain unconscious, continuing the suffering cycle of acting our feelings, sculpting them, indulging them, with the outer world.

We end up being a rigid but fragile precious sculpture with no movement of its own.

Evolution is understood as the act of turning outward. Just like trees, we have the potential to express ourselves in different shades of colors and be a source of growth and inspiration.

The answer lies then in the wisdom of trees; maybe we can follow their intuitive flow. Stop hiding behind labels, transcend toxic shame and vibrate the same force that seems to be found in Nature.