A Place of Awareness and Consciousness

Welcome to a safe space built from my heart to your heart, a place born to offer words to your unconscious emotions and transform them into conscious feelings.

My coaching practice is for anyone who desires to understand, unravel and align their essence with the deep inner meaning of their soul's purpose.

​Clients seek Life Coaching because they want to explore beyond their identification with physical and material form and dare to dive into deeper layers of their true self which has an intrinsic oneness with every "other."

Tapping into the true self means recovering your human potential of creativity, authenticity, seeing a bigger perspective, resilience, resourcefulness, and a permanent sense of abundance. You will discover that the self is transmutable, deep, and infinite, just as nature.

Often clients come with me because they seek to rebuild themselves. Some might have lost what they perceived as their life purpose and feel lost and fractured. Others might have lost their motivation for what they thought was their life purpose and find themselves in a time of transition in a state of emotional stuckness.

Clients often describe wanting to get rid of their anxious, overthinking mind that is constantly seeking an unknown answer outside of themselves in attempts to feel whole. 

Their focus on the outer world and the continual lack of rest gets them trapped in a cycle of emotional impulses with people, alcohol, food, or things, keeping them distracted from having the Life they want.

I will partner with you to help you understand and evoke the murmurings of another self within you, and your soul will wake up.

Once you discover your true self, your anxiety levels will decrease; you will stop depending on people's approval, constant diets, and comparing your look with others. As a result, your anxiety, along with your reactiveness to Life, will cease.

Clients will embark on a journey of learning about the split between past and present, true and false self, ego and essence; they will start to become aware of all the roles they have played and all the masks they've worn.

You will come to realize that being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe but with your state of consciousness. 

It all starts with words and a secure-based attachment willing to attune, reflect and create awareness.


“We are so unused to emotions that we mistake any depth of feeling for sadness, any sense of the unknown for fear, and any sense of peace for boredom.”


           MARK NEPO